Back to Basics

David Brooks’ ROAD TO CHARACTER is one of my favorite books I have ever read. If you are interested in history and committed to learning from the lives of others, I cannot recommend this book more highly. Add it to your list. Here is one of many quotes from that book that bounced off the […]

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Make This Decision

This week, make this decision. You will not be reactive. You will be proactive. You will not be flaky. You will be firm. You will not be swayed by circumstance. You will be steady. You will not be bothered by the external. You will be grounded in the internal. You will not be driven by opinion. You will be rooted in […]

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One of Few

  Many set goals. Few keep them. Many make resolutions. Few follow through. Many have strong intentions. Few have strong habits. As with every January, there is a lot of HYPE right now around setting ambitious, invigorating, and meaningful goals for the year 2017. If you’re like me, your entire twitter feed is filled with […]

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The Preparation Excuse

Writing is always easier at 30,000 feet. I jotted this down in 20 minutes on a flight last week. More than anything, it is a message that I regularly need to be reminded of. I decided to share with hopes that others may benefit. Too often, we hide procrastination under the pretense of preparation. We mask our “waiting for […]

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Eyes of Gratitude

Lately, I’ve had a prayer. Instead of praying for new things to come into my life, my prayer has been that I would see all of the blessings already sitting right in front of me. The truest form of thankfulness is not a moment. It’s an attitude…a mindset… a lifestyle. Moving forward from today, I don’t want my […]

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