The Preparation Excuse

Writing is always easier at 30,000 feet. I jotted this down in 20 minutes on a flight last week. More than anything, it is a message that I regularly need to be reminded of. I decided to share with hopes that others may benefit.

Too often, we hide procrastination under the pretense of preparation. We mask our “waiting for things to line up” with the illusion that we are getting ready. And in doing so, we leverage the word “preparation” as an excuse for inaction.

If something really, truly, actually matters to you, the best time to start was yesterday. But, the 2nd best option is right now.

If you are waiting for things to line up perfectly before you get started, you should plan to wait for the rest of your life. I’ve learned that those who produce truly meaningful work all have one thing in common. They started. Perhaps more notable, they all started before they were “ready.” At some point in their life, they figured out that “ready” is  a myth which fools us into putting things that matter on hold.

While we wait on the sidelines, they are busy making mistakes. But, they know that these very mistakes are the prerequisite to lasting and sustainable success.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets accomplished when you are merely thinking about doing something. Don’t sit still. Refuse to be a spectator. Have the courage and tenacity to start where you are with what you have. Resolve to use today as the prime opportunity to take one step towards doing work that matters.