One of Few


Many set goals. Few keep them.

Many make resolutions. Few follow through.

Many have strong intentions. Few have strong habits.

As with every January, there is a lot of HYPE right now around setting ambitious, invigorating, and meaningful goals for the year 2017. If you’re like me, your entire twitter feed is filled with articles, posts, and quotes that all claim to be the sure-fire path to achievement in 2017. I have ZERO bone to pick with these as I’ve read a WHOLE LOTTA’ them and am currently writing my own version!

But, let’s be very clear. The goal isn’t the difference maker. Your habits are. And if you want 2017 to be your best, it’s time to focus less on the goals and more on the HABITS.

Never forget this:  The things we do daily create the people we become permanently.

Perhaps your GOAL is to lose 20 pounds. Perhaps your GOAL is to run a marathon. Perhaps your GOAL is to read a book a month. Perhaps your GOAL is to get all A’s.

 Maybe it cuts deeper than this?

 Perhaps your GOAL is to kill an addiction. Perhaps your GOAL is to end a toxic relationship. Perhaps your GOAL is to renew your spiritual life.

Stop telling us about your ambitions and start showing us your actions. Your goal only becomes serious when it starts to impact your calendar.

Do you have a time block to get in the gym? Run 5x a week? Read every night? Or study daily?

Do you have a time block to meet with a counselor, surround yourself with healthy peoples or pray and study TRUTH?

Goals only matter as much as the actions you take to pursue them. Will you be one of many who set goals or one of few who actually do the work to achieve them?

I’ll be open with you. One of my 2017 goals is to have 1,000 blog subscribers by January 1, 2018. In an effort to pursue this, I will be more consistent and committed with my writing than I’ve ever been. If you value reading this, would you consider subscribing in the side bar of the site? This will make sure you get a note any time one of my weekly posts is written. Your action will put me one step closer to my goal. I appreciate y’all.

One thought on “One of Few

  1. Alex, This is great. I’m a supporter of you. Have been since we met. The content in this message is in direct alignment with what we teach in our coaching practice. These days, I’m working out of a book titled, “The ONE Thing”. If you get a chance, it’s worth your time. You will notice on page 114 that Gary and Jay have divided life into seven circles. The one at the top of the page is “spiritual”. It’s at the top for a reason. Wishing you the best. Michael


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