Culture of Convenience

A few weeks ago, I met someone that absolutely blew me away. Her name was Alexa. She was gentle, kind, and an unbelievable listener. In fact, she was probably more selfless than anyone I’ve ever met. She responded to every request, question, and demand as though it was her only priority. She was also unbelievably […]

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Look in the Mirror

Do you have “Look in the Mirror” questions? Lately, I’ve realized a need for them in my life. I’ve intentionally sought after a way to evaluate my progress and measure my momentum. More than anything, these questions help ensure that my day-to-day actions are aligning with my purpose and calling. As of late, one question has begun to […]

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The Most Valuable Assignment

My senior year of college, I had a professor named Tamara Bell who taught a course called Creative Mavericks: A Communication Path to Entrepreneurship. The entire semester was insightful, engaging, and filled with information that made a tremendous impact. Just two years removed from that course, many of the students in the small class have […]

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Remember Your Reason

As I tilted my head toward the horizon, I saw a sign. Propped up next to the course, you could read the big block letters from anywhere… MILE 3. Normally, a sign like this wouldn’t phase me. The last time I struggled with 3 miles, I was probably in 2nd grade. Since then, it’s become […]

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Rising From Disappointment, Part 2

REFRAME THE PAIN In anything worth doing, there’s ALWAYS the chance of failure. There’s the chance that a setback becomes a substitute for success. And there’s the chance that the drive towards the dream ends in defeat. To make matters worse, there will be occasions when failure isn’t your fault. Sometimes, your motives are pure, your […]

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Made to Move, Part 4

Don’t you just love the Olympics? I literally LOVE the Olympics. The passion. The competition. The drama. The pageantry. It’s this rare occasion that captures the collective attention of millions in a way that transcends age, gender, occupation, social status, ethnicity, nationality, and location. But beyond all of this, there’s part of the Olympics that […]

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